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Fully Customizable Single Bobblehead

by Bobbleheads.com
Now's your chance to get a bobblehead made of yourself, a friend or family member! It's a fun and easy process that will leave you more than happy with the outcome.
Availability: In Stock
Starting at: $144.95
Additional copies as low as: $39.95

Product Description

Full customization means the bobblehead from head to toe will be a replica of the person you want transformed! Leave it up to our team of skilled artisans to hand-sculpt the likeness of the person of your choice. Our attention to detail is unmatched and our customer approval process helps ensure that you're happy with the results even before you receive the product. A product and service like this is hard to find to say the least.

Product Reviews

4.8 / 5 Based on 80 Reviews
"The bobblehead was well received. She loved it." - Janice Farrell
"I am beyond pleased with this purchase! The detail is amazing and at such a reasonable cost! My Boyfriend LOVED it and so did his friends. I would recommend doing this for anyone, what a fantastic memory to have! It is so personal and unique. Thank you so much!" - Stacey Somero
"On a 1-10 The face is a 10 very much like him The cloths is a 9 1/2 great but paint lines was not very straight Body is a 5 nothing like his" - Jeni Hendricks
"I am writing this review with a giant smile. My gosh was this product great. It was as accurate as clay can be when it comes to someone's face. My request was very specific since it was a gift for someone who has very specific traits and features--and the bobblehead captured them so well! I could go on and on how great this product was but there's so much to this site than that. I loved the involvement in the building process. I was contacted frequently to approve any kinks and I loved that. I was very happy with the process from beginning to final product. Thanks for the awesome job bobbleheads.com" - Laura
"It turned out great! It made my bosses Christmas and he told me it was the best gift EVER. I couldn't believe how well it turned out. My only complaint is that i asked for his hair to be a certain way and he was left bald in back." - Cindy O'neil

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