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Baseball Pitcher Bobblehead Polyresin

by Bobbleheads.com
In Stock
Starting at: $99.00
Additional copies as low as: $59.00

Product Description

This customizable bobblehead is the perfect gift for any baseball fan or player. Our add on options even allow you to change the uniform colors or add a logo. This is sure to be a treasured gift.

Product Reviews

5.0 / 5 Based on 1 Reviews
"An Honest Review I will start with the summary and you can read the details below if you wish. In summary, you get what you pay for I guess. I chose the custom head on a pre-made body which cost me about $155.00 for the options I chose. Their customer service can be wonderful to a point. The bobbleheads displayed on the website are awesome but yours may not look as close to your photos as you like. Be cautious and thorough with your approvals and communications and know the process well before you venture in as it may ultimately cost you more that you thought. I looked at many options for purchasing a bobblehead for my son for Christmas. I decided on Bobbleheads.com because the prices were reasonable and the bobblehead pictures displayed on the website as compared to the pictures looked really great! The ordering process was very easy and the website to put in the details for the bobblehead was very user friendly. I uploaded many pictures and provided specific details about what I wanted as guided by the website prompts. Now, here’s my story. Not long after my purchase, I received a thank-you letter from Warren Royal, president of Bobbleheads.com, which I thought was a wonderful touch and it made me feel like my order and satisfaction really was important. I should have had free shipping but was charge so I emailed customer service and they immediately refunded my shipping costs which again was impressive and easy. Then I received a instructions letter about the process and was given Nicole E. as my account manager. In that email it said that I would receive my first set of proofs to approve/deny my bobblehead in 10 days. I received my first set of sculpted proofs and they looked nothing like my son. My son has a round full face and these sculptures was of someone who looked nothing like my son as they were of someone who had a long, thin face. It didn’t appear that the pictures I provided were even used to create the sculpture. I denied the sculptures with many comments about what was wrong. I then received an email from Nicole saying that she heard the sculptures were not the best and they were going to assign my order to a new sculptor and redo them for FREE. I found that a bit odd to say as I would have never even gave that a second thought unless that was said because I would EXPECT that the work they do aligns to your pictures/expectations since these bobbleheads are quite costly. As a side note though, when you get your proofs and have to approve/deny, there are notations suggesting that if you are requesting major changes from the sculpted proofs, there may be additional costs to you. Again, concerning from my perspective. Nicole told me that I would receive my new proofs by the end of the week which would have been 5 days later. After 10 days, I reached out to asking for the status as the deadline they prided had passed. A few days later, I received the proofs and they were better but still not quite as I would have hoped. I did approve them as I didn’t feel that they would make any major changes again without me having to pay more. I probably should have declined them as the bobblehead doesn’t really look like my son. A short time later, I got my painted and completed bobblehead and it looked ok but even less like my son now that it was painted as the features were more prominent. I approved as I felt I didn’t have any additional options at that time. I gave it to my son for Christmas and he noticed that they mound was painted backwards. He is a right handed pitcher and this was painted for a left handed pitcher. I reached out to Nicole and sent her some pictures asking if we can redo the base which really just needed some painting touchup in my mind. She told me that since I approved, it would cost me at least $50.00 which would have been on top on the $155.00 I already paid (for some repainting). In my mind, if I would have realized the problem before I approve instead of my son noticing it when he got it as a gift, the task would have been the same (painting) but because I approved, now it would cost at minimum $50.00. So I told Nicole I would think about if I wanted to repay for that and instead of paying that money I may just write this review so others can be aware. The bobblehead is OK but nothing like the wonderful matches you see shown on the website. I feel Nicole could have handled the redo of the base in a better manner with trying to truly understand what the problem was instead of just sending me an email that a redo would cost at least $50.00 as I think there was a much easier solution that would have left me happy and leaving a glowing review and not a so-so review. " - Karina

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