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Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Polyresin

by Bobbleheads.com
Get a handcrafted 2 person bobblehead made today, you won't be disappointed. Simply click the build button, upload your photos and away you go. Be creative! Attention to detail is our strong-suit!
In Stock
Starting at: $254.95
Additional copies as low as: $84.95

Product Description

Full customization means the bobblehead from head to toe will be a replica of the person you want transformed! Leave it up to our team of skilled artisans to hand-sculpt the likeness of the person of your choice.

If you are not sure about what the difference is between the Polyresin and the Polymer Clay options, please see this helpful guide for much more information!  

Polymer Clay vs. Polyresin Custom Bobblehead Buyers Guide

Here is a summary:  Polymer clay dolls are sculpted from pre-colored clay, as compared to our Polyresin option, which is hand-painted.  With polymer clay, you will have an easier time seeing your visions come to life since you don’t have to wait until the final step to see the color added, as you do with our polyresin options.  Since this process does not require a mold, it also is generally less expensive!

Once the polymer clay is approved, it will be baked exactly how you saw it.  Our artists are very skilled in this art form and can create great detail, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price and time!  That’s another upside to this option – since it is sent straight to baking after approval, it’s a great choice if you have a tight timeframe.  We typically see the proofs from our polymer clay factory twice as fast as from our polyresin factory!

Since the polymer clay creation process doesn’t require a mold, as polyresin items do, it is not possible to make identical duplicates of the designs.  They are each individually handmade and will have natural variations from each other.  If you need one or more copies of your bobblehead, then polyresin would probably be a better option.  Also, since polyresin items are painted, It is also possible to change colors if needed, since paint is used for coloring instead of the colors being embedded into the clay structure itself.  As a result of the mold and resin hardening process, a polyresin bobblehead is harder and more durable than a polymer clay figure.

Product Reviews

4.0 / 5 Based on 16 Reviews
"There are a bunch of companies in this business and some charge a little less but I chose this one for the following reasons. When you call their number a live person answers and they are Knowledgeable. I called frequently and they patiently guided me through the ordering process. I ordered bubbleheads of my twin grandsons. Within a week or so, you get an email showing you where they are in the modelling stage. If you are satisfied with the image you approve and they go to the next stage. We were amazed at every stage and the final product was perfect, the dolls looked exactly like the children. Very good job! " - Sam Hurst
"Great website" - Ed
"What an amazing shop!! The best service I've ever had anywhere, and the end product was fantastic! I ordered a custom couple of my daughter and son-in-law, to give to my college-bound grandson. A special "thank you" to Rebecca who led me through this step-by-step, since I had no idea what I was doing. It was actually super easy, but I wanted to make sure it was perfect, and it was! This is such a fun, unforgettable gift, if anyone is thinking about it, they should do it, and get it here - this place is fantastic! Thank you so much, Rebecca and artists!" - Steph
"Great job, the recipients of the doll were so delighted! The only the problem was that the flag was not set secure and did not have a hole (or something to stabilize) on the base. " - Chip
"I would give this company my highest recommendation to everyone! The experience was wonderful from start to finish! Kim Brown and her entire staff were extremely easy to work with, and they are genuine professionals in all respects. Elise and Gabby had excellent communications to make certain that the process went smoothly, and that all changes were handled correctly and in a timely manner. I truly appreciate all of the time that Kim spent with me to get the smallest details right on my very special customized double bobblehead. Kim's suggestions were extremely helpful, and I couldn't have done it without her! The artists in the studio are amazingly talented at what they do, and the finished product was absolutely stunning! The pictures showed me it was going to be incredible, but I couldn't fully appreciate it until I had it in my hands! The likenesses of the faces were spot-on, and beautiful craftsmanship down to the accessories and the special fine details! The shipping was LIGHTNING FAST, and it arrived with time to spare before Christmas! It was packaged with great care to be certain that it arrived safely. I couldn't be more grateful for this! It was a major hit with my friends, and made the holiday truly a special one! Mikie said he is going to build a shelf for Sara to display their marvelous customized double bobblehead in her office at their place of business! They are both artists, and they couldn't be happier with such a special artistic tribute in their honor! Thanks to Kim and everyone on the staff at Bobbleheads.com for making the dream come true! These folks can do the same for you! They are the best at what they do, and you won't be disappointed for choosing them to make your treasured bobblehead gift!" - David

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