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Teddy Roosevelt Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Theodore Roosevelt became the first American President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
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Price: $29.95

Product Description

During his presidency, Roosevelt initiated the construction of the Panama Canal, increased regulation against big business, improved national forest and sanctuary programs, and passed the Food and Drug Act. In his 1904 re-election campaign, Roosevelt won by the largest popular vote majority ever received by any presidential candidate. In November 1902, Roosevelt attended a bear hunt in Mississippi, where a bear was tracked, clubbed, and tied up. He was appalled at the treatment of the bear and refused to allow anyone to claim it. A cartoon of this story became wildly popular, and "Teddy's bear" became a longlasting nationwide legend. Theodore Roosevelt became the first American President to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Product Reviews

4.8462 / 5 Based on 13 Reviews
"My favorite President is Teddy Roosevelt so had to get this one. What a superior likeness! This also (as well as all their bobbles) comes in a great box with a very interesting story to go along. The best Bobblehead company hands down!" - Rick G
"Instantly recognizable, very high quality and reasonable pricing. Royal Bobbleheads packs very well and have never had an issue with them or there products. It’s easy to see they enjoy there work and the company they work for, well done" - Ed
"I absolutely love the quality of the Royal Bobbles! Y’all have a fan now." - Doc
"Love it. Love all of the Royal bobble lines, especially the Presidents! Cant wait for the new ones to release! " - Christopher
"I love all the Royal bobbles. I especially like the way his glasses fit, unlike Harry Truman of which I had to repair. It was a successful fix and I love them both. " - Chris

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