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Mike Rowe Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Mike Rowe Bobblehead, as seen on "Somebody's Gotta Do It"!
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $29.95

Product Description

Talking Mike Rowe Bobblehead, with 33 voice expressions.  NOTE - this is the unsigned version, not signed by Mike or the artists.  This version is NOT completely Made-in-the-USA like the exclusive version. 

Royal Bobbles is proud to have been chosen to produce a made-in-the-USA bobblehead for Mike Rowe.  Back in August 2014, Mike issued a challenge on his Facebook page, asking if there was any company in the US who could produce a made-in-the-USA bobblehead for him.  He wanted to have some bobbleheads made-in-the-USA that he could auction off to raise money for his nonprofit mikeroweWORKS foundation, which supports the skilled trades through scholarships.    

We spoke up, and told him that we thought we could do it.  And we did!  We agreed to produce a small limited-edition run of 100 Made-in-the-USA Mike Rowe bobbleheads.  It turned out to be a great success. Each one is individually hand-made and painted by Rachael and her team here in our Alpharetta Georgia office, and is hand-signed by Mike, and includes a postcard signed by the artists who made and painted it. 100% of the proceeds go toward the Foundation.  The first one sold at auction for over $8,000, and total funds raised to date have exceeded $23,000 for the Foundation.  These signed, made-in-the-USA bobbleheads are ONLY available via the foundation website at www.mikeroweWorks.com/bobblehead .

However, the project was so successful that many fans expressed an interest in having a more affordable version.  Warren asked if he could produce a separate version, under license, which:

  • Would be produced through the company’s normal channels, rather than completely Made-in-the-USA, and
  • Would not be signed by Mike or the artists, and
  • Would contribute 20% of the sales proceeds to directly support the nonprofit mikeroweWorks Foundation.   

In this way, the bobbleheads can be made available at a reasonable price to fans who could not afford one of the exclusive Made-in-the-USA versions.  So we are proud to offer that product here now, for the first time.


Product Reviews

Rating: 5.0/5 (62 reviews) 5.0 / 5 Based on 62 Reviews
Rating: 5/5 "I love this!! It arrived faster than expected and is incredibly fun!! I never thought I'd have my own Mike and Freddy. And extra batteries were included! That never happens! I'm very pleased!!!" - Tara
Rating: 4/5 " A quality product, fast shipping an extra batteries." - Joe
Rating: 5/5 "My Mike Rowe bobblehead was, most definitely, my favorite Christmas present to myself (even beating out my much loved red plaid and black patent leather wingtip Doc Martens I gave myself some years ago. Trust me... that takes some doing.) Sadly, the first MR bobblehead I received had come separated from its base - I let the good folks at bobblehead.com know and they immediately sent me another one, which I received before Christmas, which I didn't expect. The customer service was stellar and will definitely have me searching for other bobbleheads to join my brother's future ex-brother-in-law. :-) Thanks, bobbleheads.com! Y'all rock!" - K.J. Pierce
Rating: 5/5 "Very well made, packaged and arrived quickly. I purchased 3 Mike Rowe bobbleheads. One for my husband and one for each of our sons. My husband opened his. Pushed the button after removing the tab. It did not work. Turned out the batteries were corroded. Thankfully you had included extra batteries, which I could have easily thrown away as they were tossed in the box with the foam peanuts. We are very happy with Mr. Mike now. Thank you!" - Natalie G.
Rating: 5/5 "Excellent! Bobblehead looks similar and the amount of phrases are great!" - Shawn Towne

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