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Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman Bobblehead by Royal Bobbles
In Stock
Price: $35.95

Product Description

After a chance encounter with his former high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, Jesse Pinkman partners with Mr. White to manufacture and sell methamphetamine.  Using his experience and connections in the drug trade, Jesse helps to grow the expanding empire while evading authorities and enemies.  As their drug empire grows, so too does Jesse’s internal struggle.

Product Reviews

5.0 / 5 Based on 4 Reviews
"Another masterpiece! Awesome detail. " - Tom
"Yet another amazing bobble head from Breaking Bad. I would like to see more from the show. These go well together with the Better Call Saul set. The quality and detail is excellent. Jesse is one of my favourite characters from Breaking Bad, so I was super excited that Royal Bobbles released this. I love the likeness these bobbles have. I love it. " - Mandi Lawler
"Please make more breaking bad characters!!!!" - Reagen Jones
"Very nice looks just like him! Love royal bobbles!!!!" - Nina Todaro

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