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Fully Customizable Single Bobblehead Polymer Clay

by Bobbleheads.com
Now's your chance to get a bobblehead made of yourself, a friend or family member! It's a fun and easy process that will leave you more than happy with the outcome.
In Stock
Starting at: $99.00

Product Description

Full customization means the bobblehead from head to toe will be a replica of the person you want transformed! Leave it up to our team of skilled artisans to hand-sculpt the likeness of the person of your choice.

If you are not sure about what the difference is between the Polyresin and the Polymer Clay options, please see this helpful guide for much more information!  

Polymer Clay vs. Polyresin Custom Bobblehead Buyers Guide

Here is a summary:  Polymer clay dolls are sculpted from pre-colored clay, as compared to our Polyresin option, which is hand-painted.  With polymer clay, you will have an easier time seeing your visions come to life since you don’t have to wait until the final step to see the color added, as you do with our polyresin options.  Since this process does not require a mold, it also is generally less expensive!

Once the polymer clay is approved, it will be baked exactly how you saw it.  Our artists are very skilled in this art form and can create great detail, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price and time!  That’s another upside to this option – since it is sent straight to baking after approval, it’s a great choice if you have a tight timeframe.  We typically see the proofs from our polymer clay factory twice as fast as from our polyresin factory!

Since the polymer clay creation process doesn’t require a mold, as polyresin items do, it is not possible to make identical duplicates of the designs.  They are each individually handmade and will have natural variations from each other.  If you need one or more copies of your bobblehead, then polyresin would probably be a better option.  Also, since polyresin items are painted, It is also possible to change colors if needed, since paint is used for coloring instead of the colors being embedded into the clay structure itself.  As a result of the mold and resin hardening process, a polyresin bobblehead is harder and more durable than a polymer clay figure.

Product Reviews

4.6667 / 5 Based on 6 Reviews
"I ordered my custom Bobblehead doll at the last minute. I added a lot of extras, so I was sure it would not get here in time even with the fastest production and shipping option. Not only did it arrive in time, but it was PERFECT!! All of my custom details were perfect, and it really looked just like my picture! Everything was perfect about this whole experience!!! " - Ann Baker
"Excellent product and excellent customer service. We ordered 40+ of this bobblehead for our company and Kim & Rachael helped us along the way, providing updates and timely accuracy, which was much appreciated. " - Sam S
"They did a great job!!! I had a very complicated bobble head made with one person 4 props and a custom base. Yeah it takes a little bit of work to get it exactly the way you like it but that's how it is. They make it and they send you a proof if you deny it they immediately fix it within a day. You can do this over and over again until it's absolutely perfect exactly the way you like it. In fact when it got delivered to me, one of the little props was missing a custom aspect I had ordered. They literally offered to make it for free and send it to me even though I made a mistake and approved the proof that they sent me because the custom part of it was on the original request. I missed it, they missed it, when they first made it but then they 100% corrected it absolutely free! I bought 2 so far and I plan on buying more. they did a great job and wife loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - John
"while the sculpture was awesome the logos and name on base were not good. An item to be held in the hand was not included. $30.00 for those items that were not good or missing. Sent an email and received no response nor a credit for the additional fees." - Lori
"We received it today. Thank you very much for take in consideration the requirements and for ask my opinion about the product. The communication was really good. I’m so satisfied!" - Racheli

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