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Darth Vader Computer Sitter Bobblehead

by Funko
Let Vader monitor your monitor! This cool, plastic bobble head of Darth Vader has him in his Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back pose. Vader is on one knee, awaiting your bidding and watching your every move as you surf all the dark places on the Web. The little wobbler sits on your computer monitor and bobs with the slightest touch… if you buy him!
  • Let Vader monitor your monitor!
  • He bobs and bobbles.
  • Surf the dark side of the Web!
Out of Stock
Price: $9.95

Product Description

Darth Vader is the evil villain in George Lucas’ Star Wars movies. Vader was created by concept artist Ralph McQuarrie for George Lucas, his deep and distinctive voice is that of the famous actor James Earl Jones, and his respirator breathing sound was created by sound designer Ben Burtt who recorded himself breathing into a scuba regulator. According to the American Film Institute, Darth Vader is the third worst villain of all time. Old Dark Helmet would be proud if he knew about that distinction!

These Darth Vader Computer Sitters are designed to sit menacingly on top of your computer monitor and bobble slightly as you work! They are made out of lightweight polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, a thermoplastic polymer that is commonly used to make figurines because it can be molded into any shape and it is compatible with a wide variety of different paint finishes. Your Darth Vader Computer Sitter bobblehead gift will be packaged in a colorful cardboard collector's box with a cellophane display window.

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