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Queen Elizabeth II Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Queen Elizabeth II Bobblehead
In Stock
Price: $31.95

Product Description

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on 21 April 1926 to Albert Duke of York and his wife, Elizabeth. Albert took the title King George VI when he became king, and at his death on February 6, 1952, Princess Elizabeth became Queen and was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.

Queen Elizabeth II is Head of the Church of England and each year writes her own Christmas address which has a powerful religious message each year. On 9th September 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British Monarch and is now the oldest monarch in the world.

Product Reviews

4.875 / 5 Based on 8 Reviews
"My Queen Elizabeth II Bobblehead is truly awesome! But, I would expect no less from Royal Bobbleheads as every one the bobbleheads I've purchased has been of excellent quality and are immediate conversation-starters. The detail and character in each bobblehead shows the true craftsmanship of RB. Put me down once again as a VERY satisfied customer. And did I mention, this is the twelfth bobblehead I've purchased! More to come!" - Tim Mannix
"My Queen Elizabeth bobblehead is absolutely perfect. I am so happy with it that I put it right up front and center in my display cabinet. Royal bobbleheads are truly a quality product. " - Yvonne Scott
"I love my Queen Elizabeth II bobble head! She’s close enough to 1:12 scale so I can use her as a character who visits my dollhouse neighborhood! " - M Prickett
"Collecting Royal Bobbles bobbleheads has given me so much happiness. I absolutely love their products; the quality and detail are heads and tails above any other company. They pay such close attention to accuracy in terms of the likeness, the clothing, and any accessories. I truly love the fact that this is a family business that has grown over the years due to their incredible quality and exceptional service. Seeing all of my Royal Bobbles every day brings me joy. This particular piece is so well done in terms of quality and likeness. I actually bought it for my wife, as she is a huge fan of all things British and frequently expressed a desire to have a bobblehead for herself. Thank you to Royal Bobbles for giving me this wonderful hobby and for making the very best product that I am proud to display." - Dave M.
"Adora la Regina e adoro la sua bobblehead. Grande prodotto ed eccezionale venditore. A quando David Bowie?" - Gloria

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