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Bigfoot Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Bigfoot Bobblehead
In Stock
Price: $29.95

Product Description

Bigfoot, also known as “Sasquatch,” is an elusive human-like beast believed to inhabit the Pacific Northwest region of North America. The name is derived from the Halkomelem word “Sásq'ets,” belonging to indigenous tribes in British Columbia. According to legend, this “Wild Man” stands between 7 and 10 feet tall at a weight of over 500 pounds. While his existence is the subject of debate, the hunt for this mysterious creature has caught the hearts of Americans for over a hundred years.

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Product Reviews

4.6667 / 5 Based on 9 Reviews
"My parents just got back from Colorado. I asked for a bigfoot. This is what they brought home to me. I love it. " - Steve Rogers
"great bobblehead" - Jaime Cantillo
"I love it. Very nice size and weight. It is so awesome." - Mike B.
" Over the years I have seen a number of real BigFoot and the one you show here does not resemble a real bigfoot. He is not bigfoot, he is bighead. Small head, limited neck and large feet.try Again. Arno " - Notarone
"Beautiful. Well made. Heavy. Christmas gift for my son who resembles Big Foot and has his sticker on his truck. lol" - Dave

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