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School Fundraiser Bobbles

Make School Fundraisers Fun and See Results with Custom Bobbleheads

School Mascot Bobblehead FundraiserDepending on who you talk to, the economy is making a comeback. However, that hasn’t stopped legislators from slashing education budgets and shutting down schools altogether in some cases. Schools rely on fundraisers to cover gaps in the budget and improve the overall education of their students. Fundraisers are held at every level of schooling, from elementary to college.

Schools use a variety of methods to raise money. Some get their students to sell giftwrapping paper, candy, popcorn, or coupon books. Others hold raffles, bake sales, and car washes. These ideas are popular but become stale when used year-after-year. As a result, the fundraising item or event turns into a tough sell and contributions begin to dwindle. You need to change it up to be successful.

Consider custom bobbleheads to inspire donors and stimulate contributions. Fundraisers are ultimately held to sell your school, not some overpriced box of chocolate or tacky wrapping paper. The best and easiest way to sell your school is to drum up school spirit. When people are proud of their school, they’ll be more inclined to donate or help a cause. Coupon books and bake sales don’t exactly scream school spirit. A custom bobblehead, on the other hand, appeals to emotion and pride.

Bobblehead teachers school fundraiser

Schools can design their bobblehead based on:

  • The school mascot (every school has one)
  • The Principal
  • A popular teacher (because not all teachers are popular)
  • An athletic coach

These bobblehead figures can be sold individually, raffled, auctioned, or given away to boost attendance at school festivals and sporting events. Why stop there? Instead of holding a one-time bobblehead fundraiser, start a collection. Produce four or five different custom bobbleheads and spread them out over the school year or multiple years. You could have a collection of different teachers, coaches, or versions of your mascot. Collections are a nice because people who purchase one will generally feel inclined to acquire the entire set. This keeps your contributors involved and engaged for longer periods of time. It also yields a steady cash flow for the school throughout the year.

Bobbleheads are more popular than ever and people will jump at the idea of being able to display their school’s bobblehead at home or in the office. Again, it’s about pride and school spirit. Few things speak to those emotions like a bobblehead customized for your school. Sports teams and businesses all over the world use them as marketing tools or incentives to generate excitement within a fan base. Schools have a fan base too and this is great way to energize it.

Bobblehead Coach School Fundraiser

Speaking of sports, your school’s booster club could also benefit from custom bobbleheads for many of the reasons already mentioned. When school budgets are slashed, the athletic department feels it too. Sports equipment, uniforms, and gym/field maintenance aren’t cheap. Booster clubs are partly responsible for raising the necessary funds to keep these athletic programs operating. Fundraisers are absolutely critical to their success. A mascot or head coach bobblehead would surely be a hot ticket item for any sport.

Children deserve every opportunity to learn and better themselves. Education and athletics should not be shackled by costs. People will donate and make larger contributions when they’re inspired to do so. Take your school’s fundraising efforts to the next level with custom bobbleheads.