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How to Build a Bobblehead Video Transcript

00:03 I'm here to show you how to place a
00:06 fully customized bobble head order on a
00:09 custom bobble heads calm today we do
00:11 have standard body options available but
00:14 with these particular options what you
00:17 see is what you get we can change the
00:20 color but we cannot change the structure
00:22 of these bobbleheads today I'm going to
00:24 select fully customized you can see we
00:27 have other options available but today
00:30 we're going to do this for a single
00:32 fully custom bobble head now I'm going
00:35 to want to create my bobble head right
00:37 over here there's a red create yours
00:39 button I'm gonna select my hair eye and
00:45 skin color after I do that I'm gonna
00:49 scroll down and I have options here
00:52 or it's gonna let me click and browse to
00:56 select my photos after I do that I can
00:59 click on the upload button to see what I
01:01 have done so far and you can see there
01:06 are the photos that I selected once I've
01:09 done this if there's anything I needed
01:12 to add in as far as the notes I might
01:14 say she has a dimple on her right cheek
01:17 next it's taking me into the body
01:20 section again same like the head section
01:23 I'm going to be able to click on the
01:25 Browse button and select my photos front
01:29 side and fast these are not all
01:34 necessary they're creating a bobble head
01:36 but if you have them certainly upload
01:38 them into your order we have the options
01:41 to upload clothing she's gonna be
01:43 wearing her cute little polka dot bikini
01:47 also we have options for shoes but this
01:50 particular bobble heads can be barefoot
01:52 then we have your option to upload your
01:54 post photo she is going to be holding
01:57 her pet here's a section where you're
02:01 going to be able to add other things to
02:03 your order if your person wears glasses
02:05 there's an area here to select and add a
02:09 photo for the glass
02:10 if you had a logo that you needed to
02:13 include with your order you would be
02:15 able to click here and it's going to
02:17 give you an option to browse your photos
02:19 and upload them no go right into your
02:22 order today our subject is going to be
02:25 holding her pet it's gonna be her cat so
02:28 I'm gonna select the handheld object
02:31 again I'm gonna browse and I'm gonna
02:34 select this photo here where she is
02:36 holding her cat we also have other
02:40 sections if you have other items that
02:42 you wanted to include with your order
02:47 here this takes you into our base
02:49 sections we do have other options
02:51 available but today our subject is not
02:55 in need of these so I'm just going to
02:58 take a look here and I think I'm done I
03:02 could include the name on the base if I
03:05 wanted to and I would click here and it
03:07 would give me an option to include a
03:09 name I'm not going to do that today
03:13 here's a section that's going to let you
03:15 know how long it's going to take to
03:16 receive your bobblehead also in this
03:20 section it gives me an option if I wanna
03:22 copy now I'm going to go down to the
03:26 bottom and I'm going to add my
03:27 selections to my car ok you can see here
03:30 that I have three items in my cart I
03:32 have the original and two copies if you
03:36 go down here a little bit you're gonna
03:37 see an area for a discount code this is
03:39 where you're gonna enter a discount code
03:41 if you don't have one please give us a
03:43 call we're always going to special or
03:46 sometimes you can see right on our
03:48 website where we have been advertising
03:50 our latest special now that we're done
03:53 here we're just going to checkout and
03:56 here's where you're going to enter your
03:59 shipping address and your billing
04:01 address from there you'll continue and
04:04 pay for your orders