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Collecting Bobbleheads

Why Do People Collect Bobbleheads?

Everyone needs a hobby, something to take their mind off the daily grind. A hobby should make you smile and feel warm inside. It’s your own little slice of heaven. There are a lot of different hobbies to choose from but one of the more popular activities is collecting. People, young and old, collect all sorts of things. Depending on their interests, it might be stamps, coins, cards, dolls, or action figures. Memorabilia is popular too, especially when it involves sports, politics, and cinema.

Bobbleheads have become a hot collectible item these days for a couple of reasons. First, they cover a wide array of interests. There’s a bobblehead for everyone and everything, from athletes and movies stars to popular musicians and comic book characters. History buffs, in particular, gravitate towards these figures due to a large selection of historical and political bobbleheads available in the market.

George Washington Bobblehead

George Washington (Royal Bobbles) is a very popular bobblehead collectible.

Another factor contributing to the surge in bobblehead popularity among collectors is the rareness of these items. Most are limited editions, making them extremely sought-after pieces. A quick search of eBay shows over 47,000 listings for bobbleheads, many of which are going for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In fact, there’s an Elvis Presley One Carat Diamond Bobblehead listed at $36,995.

Bryce Harper BobbleheadUnfortunately, many of these Washington Nationals fans won't get a Bryce Harper bobblehead. (Photo courtesy of Washington Post)

Bobblehead giveaways at sporting events clearly illustrate the law of supply and demand. Generally speaking, teams only hand out bobbleheads to the first thousand or so fans, regardless of how many fans show up three hours early. Bobbleheads do a great job of boosting attendance but the reality is a large percentage of fans will walk away empty-handed. Less fortunate fans are left to scavenge the secondary market for a piece of bobblehead history.

Above all though, bobbleheads are fun. They’re fun to look at, talk about, and share with others. At the end of the day, that’s what a hobby should be: fun and entertaining. Whether it’s passion for a character or particular subject matter, bobblehead figures serve as small reminders of something that brings joy to our lives. It’s no surprise people collect bobbleheads. In some way, the figures are a part of them, each one speaking to fond memories and burning desires.