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Bobblehead Collector Spotlight

Bobblehead Collector Spotlight: Episode 1 Featuring Tony Iliakostas

Welcome to the very first edition of Bobbleheads.com "Collector Spotlight." The guest is Tony Iliakostas, 3rd year law student, host of popular online show "Law and Batting Order," and avid bobblehead fan. Here we discuss Tony's bobblehead collection, including how it started and why he enjoys bobbleheads. Then we dive into the Yankees-Mariano Rivera bobblehead fiasco and its impact on bobbleheads from a mainstream perspective. Finally, Tony shares a funny story about having to hide a Roger Clemens bobblehead from his father, who's a Mets fan. Enjoy the show!

This "Collector Spotlight" interview series is our way of connecting with bobblehead collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world. If you'd like to participate, please email our Marketing Coordinator Rick Schwarz: rschwarz@bobbleheads.com.

Special thanks to Tony for taking time out of his busy schedule to be a part of the show. Connect with Tony and LABO Nation by visiting LawandBattingOrder.com!

Bobblehead Collector Spotlight: Episode 2 Featuring Dawn Insanalli

Welcome to another edition of Bobbleheads.com Collector Spotlight. Our guest in this episode is Dawn Insanalli. This was a fun interview as you can really sense Dawn's passion for her bobblehead collection. We spoke about how bobbleheads exist for nearly every interest in a person's life, from sports to politics to television. Dawn even shows us her "I Dream of Jeannie" bobblehead, a character from one of her favorite TV shows growing up. Then we get into nostalgic aspect of these dolls and why they bring a smile to someone's face. There's a great story included about a bobble she recently uncovered and how it may have foreshadowed her future obsession at an early age. Enjoy the show and keep on bobblin'.