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About Us Video Transcript

00:10 Welcome to Bobbleheads.com! Maybe you've heard of us!
00:13 Please welcome His Holiness, Pope Francis!
00:18 It's an unusual business, to say the least!
00:21 We have one, right here, your souvenir, from Royal Bobbles!
00:23 He's actually nodding because he approves of your dress!
00:26 Watching Rachael, I realize just how much work is involved with creating a mini-me!
00:30 I can now announce that with a measurement of 15 feet, 4 and 3/4 inches, you have shattered the Guinness World Records!
00:38 How do you choose the right company to create your bobblehead?
00:40 Experience matters.
00:42 We've done some pretty big projects for some of the biggest names in the industry.
00:46 Which has given us a lot of credibility.
00:49 None of our competitors have this experience.
00:51 We can create one custom bobblehead of your Mom, Dad, friend, or boss,
00:56 And we can create thousands for corporations, entertainers, or large events.
01:00 This year alone, we've created over 200,000 bobbleheads.
01:03 What all of this means for you is that nobody else is more qualified to create your own personal bobblehead.
01:09 One of the best bobbleheads that I ever got (from someone in the company) was one of our son and our dog, from a trip that we took to the pumpkin farm
01:17 Everything down to the little smirk on his face, and everything - it was just perfect
01:20 With over 2,000 5-star reviews, we ARE the bobblehead experts.
01:24 Let me help you make the perfect custom bobblehead!
01:29 We started Bobbleheads.com in 2008 - and the rest is history!