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A Personal Look VIdeo Transcript

00:28 my name is Warren Roy I'm the founder of
00:31 bobblehead cotton
00:32 our goal is to produce the highest
00:34 quality product and to provide the best
00:35 customer service that we can for our
00:37 customers we want everyone to love their
00:40 bobbleheads
00:40 we realize that these gifts especially
00:42 custom products are very important very
00:44 personal to our customers some of my
00:46 favorite things to work on are
00:48 definitely the pet bobblehead and we do
00:50 some dogs we do some cats we've had
00:52 everything up to like a Texas Longhorn
00:54 with the big Longhorns we've done a
00:57 couple of horses so my absolute favorite
01:00 one would be the one that I got done of
01:02 my son and our dog and we you can just
01:06 see all the detail that goes into it
01:08 from him holding the little icy cup
01:10 standing on the grassy bank it's just a
01:12 really fun memory to have and to keep
01:14 where you can put it up on a shelf and
01:17 just look at it all the time and we'll
01:18 never forget this day that we had
01:20 immortalized in a bobble head there are
01:22 a lot of companies that produce bobble
01:24 heads but there aren't any that care as
01:26 much as we do about our customers we
01:28 have a full team of customer service
01:30 people here in Atlanta that's available
01:31 to answer phone calls and to assist
01:33 customers in producing the highest
01:35 quality part of the can once your order
01:37 is placed we will carefully review it
01:39 and contact you if we need any further
01:41 clarification before transmitting it to
01:43 our studio for fabrication to begin
01:45 thereafter we are available to you to
01:48 answer any questions you may have
01:49 throughout the proofing process you can
01:51 reach us directly by phone or via email
01:54 we also have the ability to look at the
01:56 proofs with you and make recommendations
01:58 to our studio artists to make sure that
02:01 you get the best likeness possible and
02:03 anytime you contact us you will receive
02:05 my personal email and phone number in
02:07 case there's any additional information
02:08 I can help you with occasionally we do
02:11 have customers that are just not quite
02:13 sure what they want to see with their
02:15 bobble head I will review the
02:17 information in your order and make
02:19 suggestions that might help you better
02:22 portray what you want to see on your
02:24 bobble head we pride ourselves on our
02:26 customer service and our results back it
02:28 up we have an A+ rating with a Better
02:30 Business Bureau and we have a
02:31 third-party company that does customer
02:33 service satisfaction surveys at the end
02:35 of every order
02:37 we're proud to say that over 95% of our
02:39 customers would recommend us to their
02:40 friends that's remarkable
02:50 you