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Batman Bobblehead - Officially Licensed by DC Comics
Person 1
Head & Body
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IMPORTANT: This is the PRIMARY photo our artist will use to sculpt your bobblehead INCLUDING the hair and facial expression (smile, frown, smirk etc). This should be a high quality photo (selfies not preferred).
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If there are important details that need to be called to our attention, please upload images of them here. Possible examples include hearing aids and hairstyles.
Additional Options
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Don't have an image of hair highlights? Please describe hair highlights here:
Upload an image and / or provide a description of the person's hair Highlights.
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If your bobblehead should have glasses or sunglasses, please upload an image of them. This will help us more accurately recreate the glasses.
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Tattoos are very identifiable features of many people. To ensure we get the tattoo accurate, please upload an image of it and we will make a custom decal of it and apply it by hand! It'll be just as accurate as the real one...and less painful!
Is there something you'd like to explain in detail (perhaps describe a photo)? Every little bit of information helps when building your bobblehead(s) so feel free to tell us about it and we'll take care of the rest.
Add person's name or professional title here. *Please spellcheck before submitting.
Base examples: A sandy beach, green lawn or a baseball field. You can add props to the base such as a chair, lawn mower or a scoreboard. Get creative!
Would you like an extra master copy of the bobblehead, for long-term molding purposes, in case you would ever want to make identical copies of it, months or years later? Standard molds do not last more than a couple of weeks - but with a master cast, you can keep an exact copy of your bobblehead sculpt and you can make new copies at any time. Once your order is complete, we will ship the bobblehead AND the master cast directly to you. Should you decide at any point you would like to make another copy or 100s more, you will just need to mail the master cast back to us and we will place a new order for you.
Did you know that you can upgrade to a Fully Customizable Single Bobblehead for an additional $15.00?

Upgrading allows you access to these additional options:

    Person 1
    • Head & Body
    • Full Body
    • Pose
    • Clothing/Shoes
    • Symbol/Logo
    • Handheld Object
    • Other
    • Body Notes
    • Accessories Notes
    • Gender
    • Base Type
    • Custom Base
    • Small Custom Prop
    • Medium Custom Prop
    • Large Custom Prop
    • Custom Prop
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