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Nikola Tesla Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
Nikola Tesla Bobblehead with Glow-in-the-Dark Light Bulb
In Stock
Price: $29.95

Product Description

Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist whose discoveries and inventions in the field of alternating current electricity advanced the United States and the rest of the world into the modern industrial era. Many of the new technologies in the world today are based on Tesla's ideas. Tesla's discoveries and inventions include the Tesla coil, fluorescent light, wireless transmission of electrical energy, radio, remote control, alternating current, the induction motor, rotating magnetic field, cosmic radio waves and the use of the ionosphere for scientific purposes.  He has been called "The genius who lit the world".

Product Reviews

5.0 / 5 Based on 8 Reviews
"I received this as a gift and really enjoyed it. It's good quality and regularly receives compliments from guests." - Ben
"The favorite of my collection!!!" - Alessandro
"I love my bobblehead I am very happy with then all I have about 57 of them now. but you are not making no more presidents. and these two are only ones I like that are left. I don't like the ones you have for kids.and you have two much of them.there are so many interesting people to make bobbleheads of." - George Kulick

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