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John Wayne Bobblehead

by Royal Bobbles
John Wayne Bobblehead
In Stock
Price: $31.95

Product Description

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison in Winterset, IA, in 1907. As a boy in Glendale, California, Marion had a dog named Duke. Over time, the local firefighters started calling him Duke, too. His academic and athletic success at Glendale High led to a football scholarship at the University of Southern California (USC). However, a body surfing accident at Newport Beach cut short his promising athletic career, so he looked to studio work to help pay his tuition. In an early film called The Big Trail, Marion Morrison became John Wayne, and the movie business was never the same. The John Wayne legend lives on to this day. Wayne still appears in the Harris Poll's annual listings of America's favorite movie stars, ranking third in the 2011 poll. He has the distinction of being the only actor to be on this list every year since 1994.

Product Reviews

5.0 / 5 Based on 17 Reviews
"Love the Duke, he's awesome. " - Kp
"Amazing is the only word to describe this John Wayne bobblehead! Royal Bobbles could've put a generic rifle in his hand but chose instead to make an exact replica of The Duke's Winchester carbine! The weight of his molded cowboy hat makes him kinda top-heavy so be careful when picking him up or moving him around. Pilgrim!" - Clement D.
"Impressed with it as I am with all the Bobbles you produce. You have amazing staff and without a doubt the best Bobbles on the market." - David Partridge
"Love it! Or should I say my Husband Loves it! " - Angie Byers
"this John Wayne bobblehead may be the favorite in my collection! " - Anthony

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