Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead
Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead

Fully Customizable Double Bobblehead

by Bobbleheads.com

Get a handcrafted 2 person bobblehead made today, you won't be disappointed. Simply click the build button, upload your photos and away you go. Be creative! Attention to detail is our strong-suit!

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  • Fully Custom means Head to Toe, Be Creative!
  • Makes for the PERFECT Cake Topper!
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Product Description

Full customization means the bobblehead from head to toe will be a replica of the person you want transformed! Leave it up to our team of skilled artisans to hand-sculpt the likeness of the person of your choice. Our attention to detail is unmatched and our customer approval process helps ensure that you're happy with the results even before you receive the product. A product and service like this is hard to find to say the least.


Brand Bobbleheads.com

Product Reviews

Rating: 4.75/5 (7 reviews)
5 / 5 Based on 7 Reviews
Rating: 2/5
-we placed our order before the Christmas deadline and payed for the expedited sculpting and shipping and the gifts did not come before Christmas as promised. Instead what ensued was a confusing process of getting the box rerouted from the home we stayed at for christmas back to our normal home. - several of the bobbles arrived with little painting mistakes and things like the words, names, and numbers peeling off. 3 arrived broken and had to be sent back. - one of the bobbles was very damaged beyond repair in shipping and had to be remade. and what ensued was a complicated and extremely lengthy process of starting from the beginning of having a brand new one sculpted. It was 10 months from the time the original bobbles heads arrived to when the replacement arrived. This is my major issue with the company. - What was further disconcerting is once the bobble replacement arrived, we could see it looked awful. I have forwarded in this email several photos of the 1rst and 2nd bobbles side by side so you can see the difference. this 2nd one is like the most unflattering version of this person possible. especially when you compare it to the original one that we got (we ordered 2 of each person), this new one looks awful. he looks more unattractive, shorter, fatter face, and the colors seem to be more gray/dull. and the noses are completely different. if you looks at the photos you will see what i'm talking about. -we are confused why in the first place the 2nd bobble wasn't just identical to the first one and why we had to start from scratch again (when i placed the order i saw on the site that you should be able to easily order a duplicate for like a year once you go through the initial process of having one made and are happy with it). and we are confused how the 2nd one could look so different and so much worse and not even be the same size. I know you send these little check in proofs of just the heads but the photos are so small and of such poor quality its impossible to tell whats really going on until you get it in person. i would recommend sending more images of better quality (bigger, better lighting, on the body, etc) before shipping to make sure everything is good to go. In the end, this 2nd bobble is such an unflattering version of him that we will probably never use it and will just throw it int he back of his closet for a few years until someday it will get tossed in the trash. Its just a shame we went through all this effort and paid for a 2nd one and it didn't look like first. we are happy with how most of the bobbles turned out look wise, but the inconsistency in quality, the missed Christmas deadline and taking 10 months to fix a broken one are all reasons that make me not recommend your company to others in the future.
Rating: 2/5
wasn't happy with it at all, the clay model of the lady's head looked alike but then looked completely different when painted.My husband's head looked similar.So now I am left with a wedding bobble head with my husband married to someone else.
Rating: 2/5
We have purchased 5 figures/sets ($1,000+) over the last three years and this was unfortunately our worst experience. The end product was excellent, but the attention-to-detail was not there. We had to repeatedly deny the proofs to make corrections and then had to ultimately contact the company personally to go over our disappointment and needed fixes. It sounded as though the staff knew the issues, and ultimately helped us, but it is a shame we had to go back-and-forth and actually call the office to get an adequate end result.
Rating: 5/5
This is the best gift I've ever received. It captures a moment in time that was very special to both of us. The bobbleheads are very detailed and accurate. We had the chance to review and accept or modify the product in each step of the production. What a great product and awesome artists!!!! I would recommend the fully customizable bobbleheads to anyone!!!
Rating: 5/5
I wish all companies took their customers as seriously as this one does. Not only was the product fantastic and much loved by the recipient, but the process to order & customize was nearly flawless. I especially appreciate the fast and effective responses from the customer service team any time I had a question (and I had many!).

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