Since our custom products are hand-crafted, they do require some time to produce them to your specifications. It is very important to get your order in early in order to allow for sufficient time to complete your bobblehead in time for the holidays, and to save on "rush" fees. Here is our holiday production schedule:

Nov 1 – Nov 19!
Standard service (no rush fees) will be done by Christmas. Proofing available for all orders. Standard or full-custom bodies available.

Nov 20– Nov 30
“Fast” sculpting ($29 extra) required for Christmas orders. Proofing available. Standard or full-custom bodies available. 

Nov 30 – Dec 8
“Faster” sculpting ($59 extra) required for Christmas orders. NO PROOFING AVAILABLE. STANDARD BODY ONLY.

Dec 8 @ 5PM, EST
No more Christmas orders possible. Cheer up! If you select after-Christmas delivery, we'll give you FREE SHIPPING - check with your account manager for a coupon code!


FAST Sculpting = $29

FASTER Sculpting = $59

Waiting costs you time and money. Don't procrastinate!

OK, I'm ready - let's build my bobblehead!

****If you cannot afford the rush fee or missed the Christmas deadline, consider giving the gift of a GIFT CERTIFICATE! The recipient can go online at their convenience after the holidays and experience the custom bobblehead process for themselves. Remember, if you decide to go ahead and place your order, we'll give you free shipping if you select AFTER-CHRISTMAS DELIVERY. Just contact your account manager for a coupon code.****

Email us at info@bobbleheads.com for more details!


Custom Bobblehead Child