It’s “that time” of year again and Dave is certainly doing a great job putting off his Holiday shopping. The problem is that Dave would save money on Rush Fees if he just ordered NOW. It’s easy to get started and there’s some very nice folks in Customer Service who could help him along the way if only he’d just call to place his order. Come on, Dave!

 Don't be like Dave


Dave’s wife, Angie is a smart shopper. She’s really getting tired of Dave wasting money on Rush Fees especially because her Holiday bonus is going to be crummy this year. She decided to lead by example and show Dave that ordering NOW is his best bet for a sweet holiday. She’s going to bank her savings and put it towards a much needed vacation—with or without Dave!

Don't be like Dave 2


This is CHAD, but what does he have to do with Angie and Dave? It’s clear that Chad loves his mom because he’s willing to shell out a few dollars more so her order will be ready for the Holidays, but why is he so happy? What is he wearing? What does Chad know that we don’t know?



Oh, Dave, Dave, when will you ever learn?  Yes, you still have time to get your holiday order in, but at what cost?  Angie is strangely quiet about it though.   Instead of being upset at Dave, she has been up late every night.  She say's she's looking for bargains online, but Dave wonders.


Dave's life is falling to pieces around him because he didn't get his order in on time and Angie couldn't take his procrastination any longer.  She packed her bag and flew to the beach where she met Chad.  "He's so sweet", she writes in a postcard that she sent to Dave not long ago.  "He lavishes us with gifts. I'm hoping there is a bobblehead wedding topper in my future!"

I guess that's how the cookie crumbles, Dave.  You could have ordered a gift certificate and this never would have happened.

Custom Bobbleheads